PRIVATE PRACTICE: Balancing life and work, knowing your worth and practising self-care


In this regular feature, authors look at the various challenges of running a private practice successfully. Psychologist and mindfulness teacher Linn Brynildsen considers the importance of charging appropriately for your services, and how mindfulness practice can help in safeguarding your work–life balance.

Summary points

  • One of the biggest changes in running a private practice compared with working for an existing company or practice, is that no one else defines your role or your working hours for you.
  • It is tempting to want to be available at any hour, so that you can respond immediately to any enquiries or issues.
  • Publicise your work hours and response time, in order to set expectations for both your clients and yourself.
  • Always being in work mode can risk burnout. Mindfulness practice allows us to be more present in our life without being on ‘auto-pilot’.
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